Joseph Scalice

Postdoctoral Researcher, Nanyang Technological University

At the heart of my scholarship is a transnational approach to revolutionary movements and authoritarianism in Southeast Asia, grounded in the postwar political history of the Philippines. I received my Ph.D in South and Southeast Asian Studies from UC Berkeley in July 2018.

My forthcoming book, The Drama of Dictatorship: Martial Law and the Communist Parties of the Philippines, under contract for publication with Cornell University Press in 2023, analyzes the events leading up to the declaration of martial law by Ferdinand Marcos in 1972. My book uncovers the prominent role played by two Communist Parties, the PKP and the CPP, in this affair. Using the previously unexamined contemporary written record produced by these organizations, I demonstrate that the rival parties allied with rival factions of the elite who were engaged in a furious struggle to be in power prior to the imposition of military rule.

My research interests include Tagalog literature, the Sino-Soviet split in Southeast Asia, global Maoism, and recovering the forgotten struggles of the working class and peasantry in the Philippines.

The most recent version of my CV is available here.

email: jscalice {at} berkeley {dot} edu.
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